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Have You Ever Felt As If The Disabled Veteran
In Your Life Has Been Forgotten?

Sadly, when the guns of battle fall silent, too many people tend to forget about war and about those who fought. Even our politicians begin to forget. But, you can't forget. The disabled veteran in your life is a constant reminder of the blood spilled, bodies maimed and minds scarred in defense of our nation and loved ones. You'll never forget that.

That's why women related to disabled veterans got together in 1922 to found the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary. The DAV Auxiliary still serves today, helping the families of veterans who sacrificed so much for our country in the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and other armed conflicts.

Making sure America remembers its disabled defenders is a challenging mission, especially when powerful people in Washington, D.C., attack benefits families of disabled veterans depend on. The process of forgetting was all too swift in the aftermath of Vietnam. The erosion of veterans' programs continued right through the Persian Gulf War and still goes on. Benefits your family counts on face immediate danger, right now.

There Are Lots Of Great Reasons To Join
The DAV Auxiliary

Terrific volunteer programs, an opportunity to serve disabled veterans and their families directly, a chance to help others in your community, and much, much more. But the most important reason for joining the DAV Auxiliary is quite simple. There's a pressing need to protect the benefits the disabled veteran in your life has earned for the people you care most about - your family!

Your membership strengthens the DAV Auxiliary in its battle to defend your family from the deterioration of the benefits which help buy the groceries and pay the rent or mortgage. Just belonging to the Auxiliary accomplishes so much - long before you attend your first meeting. It also helps protect families of other disabled vets, many of whom are less fortunate than yours.

Take a stand against those who want to forget about what war has done to the lives of so many veterans, including the veteran you love. Send a strong and clear message to all national leaders who would ignore the sacrifices that your loved one has made for our country. Keep our nation mindful of the needs of your family and the families of other disabled vets.

Be as active as you want to be ...

You decide how active you want to be in the DAV Auxiliary. Everyone has different demands on their time. Many who work and have families to care for have precious little time. Others have considerable time and welcome opportunities to serve. If you have time to help in the Auxiliary's work, there's plenty for you to do. But if you can only support the Auxiliary through your membership, we welcome you too.

"Activities in the DAV Auxiliary's 1,000 local units vary widely."

For more information about DAV Auxiliary
programs and services contact:

Disabled American Veterans
Box 971
Port Angeles, WA. 98362

(360) 417-2630

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